Featured Speakers :

 Guy Adams
Guy Adams
Direcetor Unmanned Arerial Systems
Royal Australian Air Force
 Peter Schofield
Peter Schofield
Manager Commercial Enterprises
Ergon Energy Corporation Ltd
 Mark Steedman
Mark Steedman
Principal Manager Structures
Department of Transport & Main Roads
 John Thynne
John Thynne
Manager Safety Systems Office
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
 David Jaunay
David Jaunay
Senior GIS Engineer, Survey Solutions Engineer
Engineering Co
 Pieter Bekker
Pieter Bekker
Senior Mine Surveyor
Cristal Mining Australia
 Paddy Goodall
Paddy Goodall
Chief Air Traffic Controller
Airservices Australia

Improving Safety, Data Quality and Cost Effectiveness with Commercial UAVs

As technology advances further, the market for commercial UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in Australia has doubled in size over the past 6 - 8 months. Utilising UAVs for surveying, scanning and aerial photography is improving data quality, speed of data acquisition, data accuracy, safety and cost effectiveness.

More and more industries are realising the potential of drones and the market in Australia and globally is predicted to grow significantly over the next 12 months.

The importance of real time, or at the least more frequent updates of imaging and data, is becoming more fundamental to all organisations bottom-lines and competitiveness. Up to date geographical image data can help minimise errors, equipment failure, construction project faults and wastage or inefficiencies of operations.

FSM Australia is proud to present the 2nd Annual Commercial UAVs event to discuss the following key opportunities and challenges:

  • Achieving effective integration to improve data collection, collation and utilisation
  • Keeping abreast of the fast moving technology to maximise ROI
  • Complying with current regulations and training requirements

Attend this event to get a better understanding and to collaborate more with other businesses to fully understand how commercial UAVs can be used to deliver on business outcomes and make a difference to the bottom line of your company.

The Commercial UAVs event will include:

  • Case studies and best practice examples from across a range of diverse organisations
  • Interactive discussions including expert led panels and roundtables
  • Presence of prospective providers
  • Networking opportunities
  • Interactive workshops to help you work through the most pressing challenges and develop key strategies you can implement back on the job

Who will you meet at Commercial UAVs?

This cross-industry event will bring together key professionals in charge of commercial UAV projects from companies in the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Civil Construction
  • Defence & Border Security
  • Energy Transmission and Distribution
  • Water
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy Services
  • Telecommunication
  • Engineering firms

5 UAV success factors that have changed these companies

More companies cross-industry are using unmanned aerial vehicle technology to take planning and operational capability to the next level.

Ahead of Commercial UAVs 2014, we caught up with several of our speakers to find out how they’ve achieved success in their respective journeys and what they could’ve done differently.


Dan Geeves, Senior Surveyor – Land Infrastructure, Aurecon

"Using UAVs to generate digital terrain models has allowed us to dramatically reduce health and safety risks. A lot of the terrain was too steep to walk on, and there was the danger of slips and rockfalls based on the physical characteristics." 

Darryn Dow, Chief Mine Surveyor & UAV Controller, Territory ResourcesMatthew Brown, Senior Mine Surveyor, Peabody Energy

"It delivers a lot more data than we previously could capture. We’ve seen efficiency gains, safety gains, data quality gains and improved turnaround times. A 15-minute flight would take a person on the ground almost a week in order to collect the same amount of information."

Matthew Brown, Senior Mine Surveyor, Peabody Energy

"Using UAVs will help us not only for surveying, but asset management as well. Instead of sending someone to walk around a paddock to survey a length of pipe, we’ll photograph the area, stich the model together through the photos and digitise that length of pipe."


Frank Courtney, Technology Improvement Specialist, Melbourne Water

"We have a lot of high voltage and potentially explosive assets – hazardous areas. There are practices that we have to do as part of our day to day which are inherently dangerous. Where we can completely engineer out the requirement for someone to be put in harm’s way, is a benefit that can’t be overstated." 


Will Glenn, Commander – Operations Communications, Melbourne Fire Brigade

"The flexibility of the aircraft is really exciting. Most of the innovative tools introduced to the MFB have historically been for localised usage. We’re currently moving to an ‘all hazards/all services’ approach; whether it’s for a police job, CFA mission or other emergency service."

To learn how you can fully leverage and integrate UAV's for your organisation, book your ticket now to Commercial UAVs 2014!

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