Improving safety, data quality, compliance and cost effectiveness of using commercial UAVs

As of September 2016, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority has put forth the changes in regulation that allows for operators of sub-2kg UAVs to be relieved of obtaining a controller certificate. The movement follows the rapid pace and increase in the innovative technology and uses of small UAVs for commercial purposes. Businesses and the public sector are continuously becoming more aware of the benefits of utilising UAVs, ranging from accessing real time imaging and data, accuracy of surveying, maintenance and inspection, and the cost efficiency and safe practises of operations.

Discussions are circulating around how to address new risks and safety threats that may arise with the changes in regulation and investigating data processing solutions that are up-to-date with innovations in unmanned aircraft capabilities. The changes, however, pose questions for businesses in understanding how the deregulation will the future use of UAVs.

Based on the developments and changing regulations on the industry, FSM Australia is proud to host the 3rd Annual Commercial UAVs Conference 2016. The event brings together key thinkers and leaders of commercial UAV projects to address and provide critical insights into the future and innovation of UAVs.

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Key themes at the 3rd Annual Commercial UAVs Conference include, but are not limited to:

Interactive Sessions

Data Collection

Leveraging the effective integration of UAVs to improve accuracy of data collection

Real Situation Analysis


Increasing awareness and complying with training and certification requirements to ensure public and operator safety

ISO Technical Committee


Being agile with innovations in technology to maximise productivity and cost effectiveness

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Commercial UAVs

Investigating cutting edge uses and versatility of commercial UAVs to minimise inefficiencies of operations

Networking Opportunities


Discussions around the future direction of the industry including airworthiness standards, maintenance standards and privacy risks

At this event you will:

Interactive Sessions

Engage in networking opportunities with leaders of established commercial UAV projects

Real Situation Analysis

Learn practical ways in how you can maximise ROI through insights into the innovations of fast moving technology

ISO Technical Committee

Benefit from interactive workshops that focus the new regulation and its effect on compliance and certification of UAV piloting

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Develop your understanding of the versatility and efficiency of utilising UAVs that suit your business needs

Networking Opportunities

Discover insights into successful case studies that will influence the future direction of UAVs and what it means for your organisation

Who will you meet at the 3rd Annual Commercial UAVs Conference?

This event will bring together key professionals in charge of commercial UAV projects from companies in the following industries:

  •  Civil Construction
  •  Energy Transmission and
  •  Distribution
  •  Water
  •  Agriculture
  •  Oil & Gas
  •  Energy Services
  •  Telecommunication
  •  Engineering firms
  •  Local Goverment Councils
  •  Mining

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